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Song Title - Shama Hai Jali
Singer/s - Sanam
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Song Description.


Sanam Puri - Vocals
Samar Puri - Guitars
Venky S - Bass
Keshav Dhanraj - Drums

Lyrics - Siddhant Kaushal

Director - Palvi Jadhav
DOP - Charudatta Rane
Editor & DI colourist: Vishnu Prasad
Makeup/Hair - Amit & Atif
Assistant : Ravi Khandale
Camera team: Avinash Shivekar
Executive Producer - Disha Arora

Additional music - Gaurav Godkhindi
Audio Mixing - Ishan Naik


Dhoop ne likha khidkiyon pe kal,
Sab paheliyon ka sahi se hal..
Kayi aandhiyon se tha apna waasta,
Jinki wajah se tha, dhundhla raasta..

Lehar seene mein uth rahi hai Ik aag ki abhi,
Sehar aane waali nayi hai umeed se bhari..

Ungliyaan uthate hain kyun bhala,
Doosron pe khud pe naa hum yahaan ..

Jazbaa ragon mein honey laga rawaan,
Pahunchega har disha apna yeh jahaan..

Shama hai Jali,
Dilon mein abhi ..
Shama hai Jali,
Bujhey na kabhi ..

Yahi sukoon Ho..

Ho ..

2nd verse -
Darr se haar kar tootey
Jo agar Dil ka haunsla..
Yaad karna phir ghutno
Se hi uth ke tha tu chala..

Badh ne laga hai sooraj yeh soch ka,
Pahunchega har disha apna yeh jahaan..

Shama hai Jali,
Dilon mein abhi ..
Shama hai Jali,
Bujhey na kabhi ..

English Translation:

1st Verse:
The sunlit writings on the windows of yesterday
Answered the puzzling questions at last
How the road was hazy
because we were trapped in many stormy turmoils.

Awakening in my heart like a flame of fire
Is a wave of hope that a new morn shall dawn
When instead of pointing fingers at others
We shall look within ourselves

A feeling courses through my veins
That our land will reach everywhere

The flame has been lit
in hearts
the flame has been lit
may it never die
let my land be my passion
this be my solace
my land be my passion

2nd Verse:
If the hope in hearts
Be shattered by fear
Remember how you learned to walk
After falling on your knees

The flame has been lit
In hearts
The flame has been lit
May it never die

- Translated by Dr.(Mrs.) Sunil Kaushal.

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